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May 23 2008

The beest drug treatment programs approaches attend to the entire individual

Maintaining a comprehensive bio-behavioral understanding of addiction also speaks to what needs to be provided in addiction treatment centers.

Again, we must be careful not to pit biology against behavior.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s recently published Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment provides a detailed discussion of how we must treat all aspects of the individual, not just the biological component or the behavioral component.

As with other brain diseases such as schizophrenia and depression, the data show that the best drug addiction treatment programs approaches attend to the entire individual, combining the use of medications, behavioral therapies, and attention to necessary social services, rehabilitation and luxury residential addiction treatment facilities in Malibu, CA. * These might include such services as family therapy to enable the patient to return to successful family life, mental health services, education and vocational training, and housing services.

That does not mean, of course, that all individuals need all components of treatment and all rehabilitation services. Another principle of effective addiction treatment is that the array of services included in an individual’s treatment plan must be matched to his or her particular set of needs. Moreover, since those needs will surely change over the course of recovery, the array of services provided will need to be continually reassessed and adjusted.

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Feb 13 2008

Are there just “too” many rehab centers?

How many Malibu drug addiction treatment centers are there? In some ways, the answer is “too many.” Of course, choice always benefits the consumer, and the sheer number of Southern California rehabs guarantees that you can find an addiction treatment program that’s right for you. That’s the good news. The bad news is that not all Los Angeles drug addiction treatment centers live up to their promises. Some really can help their patients get where they need to go. Some can’t. The difference, for you, is as important as any in the world.

Too many prospective Los Angeles rehab patients make the mistake of assuming that all drug addiction treatment centers must be more or less the same. They aren’t. Not even close actually. The differences between and among different rehab centers and rehab programs can very often make the difference between the success and failure of the addiction treatment process. What that means, of course, is that you have to inform yourself before making a drug rehab decision. So, please, get educated on your options. Learn what you need to learn. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, you can’t afford to make anything other than the right choice.

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Jan 29 2008

Vital elements of rehab

Drug and alcohol treatment doesn’t work by magic. Some drug and alcohol rehabs in Los Angeles would have you believe that getting healed is simply a matter of going through the motions of an exclusive addiction treatment program….but that’s not the way it works. The truth is that drug and alcohol treatment isn’t a spectator sport, or a passive activity. In fact, the only successful rehab programs are those driven by the efforts of rehab patients themselves. Simply stated: If you want drug and alcohol rehabilitation to work for you, you’re going to have to work for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There’s simply no other way for healing to happen.

Of course, none of that means you can get sober on your own. On the contrary, the drug and alcohol treatments administered by professional rehabilitation facilities are vital to the recovery process. No general ever won a battle on his own. In the fight against addiction, you need the best allies you can get. Drug and alcohol treatment will change your life, provided you can muster the courage to seek the help you need. Please, for your own sake…don’t wait another day to finally do the right thing.

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Oct 23 2007

I tell you what. There is nothing like the laughter shared between two recovering addicts. It sounds crazy, I know. But if you are an alcoholic, or an addict, you know what I’m talking about. Countless nights we would sit around our addiction treatment center and just laugh until our ribs hurt. Swapping stories about our drug addiction, swapping horrible stories about interventions, about how scared we were when we were intervened on. I know this sounds goofy, to laugh at this stuff, but it really helped me get through my addiction treatment center. I needed the laughter. I know drug and alcohol addiction is no laughing matter. I should, it almost killed me, many, many times. BUT today, I’m full on into my recovery and spend most of my time with other recovering drug addicts. Man, I tell you, we laugh and laugh and laugh. We don’t need booze, or coke, or weed, or heroin to do that anymore. These are the people I went to hell and back with. These are the people who know what im all about. These are the people I love. And these are the people I laugh with. If you’re an addict, or suffer from drug or alcohol addiction… PLEASE! Give sobriety a shot, go to a rehab, get sober. Its so worth it. For no other reason that the laughter, give it a try.

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Oct 15 2007

Personal process of alcohol rehab

The best alcohol rehab programs are the ones that get patients engaged in their own healing. Remember, alcohol rehab has to be a personal process. No one can get better for you. If you’re going to get sober for good, it’s going to be because you play an active role in your own alcohol abuse rehab program. And, of course, your alcohol treatment center has to help you do so. Alcohol rehabs that impose healing from the top down do not and cannot work. On the contrary, addiction recovery has to come from within. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, anything less just isn’t good.

Remember too that alcohol rehabilitation has to start with a first step. Yes, the right alcohol rehab center can make a world of difference, but alcohol rehab programs are worthless if they aren’t sought out. Your future is in your hands here. If you want to get better, you can. If you resolve to make addiction treatment work for you, it will. Please, for your own sake, make the right decision. You know what’s at stake. You know what you have to do. Now you just have to find the courage to do it.

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Sep 17 2007

You know how anybody can make potato salad, but the only potato salad that you’ll eat is your mom’s?

Nobody fights drug addiction like drug addiction treatment centers. That’s the truth. You know how anybody can make potato salad, but the only potato salad that you’ll eat is your mom’s? Yeah, well, drug addiction treatment centers are like that with drug addictions. Just turn on the boob tube or go on the internet and you can hear about all the different ways that people say they can kick the habit. There are all kinds of methods and supplements out there that swear they’re the only way to go to achieve sobriety, but remember the potato salad. Nobody beats drug addiction treatment centers at getting someone back to Soberville. They’ve got the market cornered on drug rehab. That’s how it works and that’s how it’s always been. Any person who has been to drug addiction treatment centers knows that they are the best place to get it all back together. I was one of those people and I can honestly say that drug rehab was the only thing that would have worked for me. They taught me how to get back on course and that was what counts. I could have tried other methods to get back to my life, but then I remembered Mom’s potato salad.

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