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Apr 07 2009

There Are Many Advantages Of Residential Drug Treatment

A lot of times drug addiction treatment environments are associated with hospitals, however, this is not always the case. Luxury residential drug abuse treatment may occur in non-hospital settings. In fact the preferred treatment environment for the drug addict in a lot of situations would be one that was less restrictive, however did have supervision and structure. At the time of discharge a drug treatment client has a continual care or aftercare program and most inpatient and residential programs gradually reintroduce a client to a “normal” environment through community outings and supervised passes.

These drug rehab centers generally offer supervised detoxification that may involve medication in a hospital setting or social detoxification (i.e. no medication) in a non-hospital setting. The typical 28-day treatment duration has no research base and has come about as a result of financial constraints, particularly the reluctance of insurance companies to pay for treatment. Inpatient and residential treatment settings have the advantages of 24-hour supervision, the reduced likelihood of clients using alcohol or drugs while in treatment, highly structured days, and a total immersion in treatment with removal from the everyday stressors and pressures.

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May 23 2008

The beest drug treatment programs approaches attend to the entire individual

Maintaining a comprehensive bio-behavioral understanding of addiction also speaks to what needs to be provided in addiction treatment centers.

Again, we must be careful not to pit biology against behavior.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s recently published Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment provides a detailed discussion of how we must treat all aspects of the individual, not just the biological component or the behavioral component.

As with other brain diseases such as schizophrenia and depression, the data show that the best drug addiction treatment programs approaches attend to the entire individual, combining the use of medications, behavioral therapies, and attention to necessary social services, rehabilitation and luxury residential addiction treatment facilities in Malibu, CA. * These might include such services as family therapy to enable the patient to return to successful family life, mental health services, education and vocational training, and housing services.

That does not mean, of course, that all individuals need all components of treatment and all rehabilitation services. Another principle of effective addiction treatment is that the array of services included in an individual’s treatment plan must be matched to his or her particular set of needs. Moreover, since those needs will surely change over the course of recovery, the array of services provided will need to be continually reassessed and adjusted.

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Mar 11 2008

Drug addiction treatment centers are about regaining control of an out-of-control life

Drug addiction treatment centers are about regaining control of an out-of-control life. A drug addiction treatment center is unfortunately not always fully effective the first attempt. Recovery from drug addiction can sometimes be quite a long-term process, and often requires repeat stays in a luxury residential drug treatment center. Successful treatment centers attend to multiple areas in need of rehabilitation for the addict, not just their drug consumption. Effective drug treatment works on many areas of a person’s life: self-esteem, self-worth, relationships and friendships, learning problems, criminal behavior and more. Recovery from addiction requires dedication, and only those addicts who prepare for a life-and-death struggle for their very lives usually meet with success. Simply put, addiction recovery requires drug treatment.

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Feb 04 2008

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism 411

Drug and alcohol rehab can’t be rushed. Addiction and alcoholism are stubborn diseases. Addiction and alcohol abuse recovery doesn’t happen overnight. The key to getting sober is being patient, and being committed. And the key to being patient and committed is finding a substance abuse treatment center that can give you all the support you need for as long as you need it. Drug and alcohol rehab is a marathon, not a sprint. You need help from experts who are in it for the long run.

Remember, there are no guarantees in the drug and alcohol rehab process. The rehabilitation patients who get sober are the ones who find drug and alcohol rehabs that can help them get where they need to go. So, for your own sake, do your research here. Understand the different rehab programs available to you. You will never, ever, make a more important decision.

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Jan 15 2008

There can be NOTHING generic about rehab

The best private drug abuse treatment centers are the ones that care for addicts as unique individuals. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, too many drug rehabs in Los Angeles try to turn addiction treatment into a generic process. That isn’t the way it works. Substance abuse is personal problem. Substance abuse rehab has to go forward on intimate terms. If you’re going to get better in a drug abuse treatment center, it’s going to be because you get care uniquely suited to your own needs. Drug abuse treatment centers that don’t offer that much can’t ever expect to succeed.

Remember, drug treatment is an inherently difficult process. It can’t be effective if it isn’t done the right way. Some drug abuse treatment centers can help their patients achieve meaningful, lasting drug abuse recovery. Some can’t. The difference, for you, is more important than any in the world. Let today be the day you day you resolve to learn what you need to learn in order to make an informed and intelligent decision about your rehabilitation options.

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Nov 16 2007


Alcoholism and drug addiction are complex disorders. An effective alcohol rehab, drug rehabilitation or dual diagnosis treatment program involves many critical components to help you to achieve recovery. A drug rehab or alcohol rehab should have its own interventionist and detox program. Whether someone is looking for an alcohol detox program or drug detox program, both should be located in a medically monitored drug rehabilitation center. Other addiction treatment services often overlooked are a comprehensive, relapse prevention program, dual diagnosis treatment program, aftercare program and family program.

Alcohol treatment programs, drug rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment programs are located throughout the country, but that does not mean the drug rehab or addiction treatment program nearest you, will best meet your needs.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs that employ addiction treatment staff that are credentialed and attentive, employ medical staff that are trained in addiction medicine and are able to provide effective dual diagnosis treatment within their own facilities.  One high-end residential treatment facility in Malibu, CA is a world class drug rehab, addiction treatment and alcohol treatment programs. It is crucial to match your individual needs with the addiction treatment services available.

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Nov 02 2007

Effective rehab work

Looking for a Drug Rehab Program? Finding a drug rehabilitation center or alcohol rehab program is easy. Locating a drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program that is effective and can meet your individual needs is not. Today, drug rehabs and alcohol rehab programs throw around “success rates” more as marketing campaigns, than actual reality. Most luxury addiction treatment facilities have done their due diligence in the addiction treatment program arena and will provide an effective drug rehab, alcohol rehab or addiction treatment program that works for you or your loved one.
Whether it is a drug addiction treatment program, gay drug rehab, gay alcohol rehab or dual diagnosis treatment program, one phone call is all it takes to get the process started.  Right now, day or night, drug rehabs have a team of highly qualified addiction treatment professionals standing by the phone to assist you. Call NOW! Admission to a state of the art, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or dual diagnosis program could be right around the corner.

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Oct 23 2007

I tell you what. There is nothing like the laughter shared between two recovering addicts. It sounds crazy, I know. But if you are an alcoholic, or an addict, you know what I’m talking about. Countless nights we would sit around our addiction treatment center and just laugh until our ribs hurt. Swapping stories about our drug addiction, swapping horrible stories about interventions, about how scared we were when we were intervened on. I know this sounds goofy, to laugh at this stuff, but it really helped me get through my addiction treatment center. I needed the laughter. I know drug and alcohol addiction is no laughing matter. I should, it almost killed me, many, many times. BUT today, I’m full on into my recovery and spend most of my time with other recovering drug addicts. Man, I tell you, we laugh and laugh and laugh. We don’t need booze, or coke, or weed, or heroin to do that anymore. These are the people I went to hell and back with. These are the people who know what im all about. These are the people I love. And these are the people I laugh with. If you’re an addict, or suffer from drug or alcohol addiction… PLEASE! Give sobriety a shot, go to a rehab, get sober. Its so worth it. For no other reason that the laughter, give it a try.

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Oct 17 2007

I called a rehab center for a phone appointment about how I could cope with my boyfriend’s drug addiction. When I called, I broke down and told them everything. At first, it was horrible but then I realized how loving and helpful they were. It was my first experience with a drug rehab and I have to tell you it was wonderful. I learned so much about his drug addiction. The next day I drove him from Los Angeles out to Malibu and checked him in. When we got there I met the same person I talked to on the phone, she hugged me, and then we got a tour of the most amazing facility. This rehab truly is a high-end residential drug treatment facility. Now, three months later, I am happy to report that the drug rehabilitation worked! He (to my knowledge anyway) hasn’t gotten high since. He also surrendered a burden that had been obsessing all his thoughts, and he had been using drugs to numb his discouragement rather than face it. Now I have back the person that I’m in love with. I want to thank the entire staff at my rehab you for being there to help. It removed the adversarial role I had in trying to “get him to quit”. And he could focus on what he wanted instead — a loving relationship and personal freedom.

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Sep 27 2007

Escaping the hands of addiction

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In a drug rehab program you can learn a lot of things. For starters, you can learn that you have an issue with drug abuse. Shocker, right? Well, after you get there you not only learn that you have a drug addiction but you also learn why you have the addictions that you have. You learn a whole bunch of stuff for sure. I learned that I could get off of drugs if I really put my mind to it. It was hard to swallow, but it was real. I learned that some people get hooked on drugs because of other problems that they may have mentally. Either way, I learned a lot of things in the drug rehab Los Angeles program that I went to. I learned that drug addictions have no discriminatory targets and that anyone can be a victim. I learned that no matter how hard a person tries, cold turkey is not usually the answer to sobriety. Sobriety is an evasive thing. No matter how hard you try to get it, it can often escape your clutches. It’s definitely hard to make it happen, but if you set your mind to it, it can really happen. That’s how it happened for me and it could happen to you to if you pick the right drug rehab program.

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