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May 21 2008

Creating the right treatment program for you

Luxury residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Malibu, CA, and alcohol rehab programs exist to help individuals who suffer from addiction and alcoholism learn the tools they need to live happy, healthy lives free from chemical dependency. Drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment centers are facilities designed to help alcoholics and addicts heal physically, mentally and spiritually, and rediscover themselves in a drug and alcohol-free environment. The first step in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism is willingness to attend treatment, and to find an addiction treatment center, alcohol rehab program or drug rehabilitation center that is best suited to the individual’s specific needs. Most drug treatment centers deal with mental health and co-occurring disorders in addition to their drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabiliation services. Addiction and mental health related disorders existing together, also called dual diagnosis, is an increasingly popular focus among drug treatment centers. Today, dual diagnosis treatment is a service offered in most drug rehabilitation centers and alcohol rehab programs, however there are treatment centers that specialize in dual diagnosis treatment, and provide drug rehab and alcohol rehab services as an integrated part of their dual diagnosis rehabilitation programs.

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Jan 29 2008

Vital elements of rehab

Drug and alcohol treatment doesn’t work by magic. Some drug and alcohol rehabs in Los Angeles would have you believe that getting healed is simply a matter of going through the motions of an exclusive addiction treatment program….but that’s not the way it works. The truth is that drug and alcohol treatment isn’t a spectator sport, or a passive activity. In fact, the only successful rehab programs are those driven by the efforts of rehab patients themselves. Simply stated: If you want drug and alcohol rehabilitation to work for you, you’re going to have to work for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There’s simply no other way for healing to happen.

Of course, none of that means you can get sober on your own. On the contrary, the drug and alcohol treatments administered by professional rehabilitation facilities are vital to the recovery process. No general ever won a battle on his own. In the fight against addiction, you need the best allies you can get. Drug and alcohol treatment will change your life, provided you can muster the courage to seek the help you need. Please, for your own sake…don’t wait another day to finally do the right thing.

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Jan 23 2008

End the addiction.

The best drug rehab centers are the ones that treat patients like unique individuals. Addiction is an intimate disease. No two drug abuse victims are ever exactly alike. No drug rehab center should ever treat them as if they were. If you’re going to win the fight against addiction, it’s going to have to be on your own terms. The drug treatment facility that’s right for you is the one that can help you do just that. Remember, drug rehabilitation can only work if it’s done the right way. Your addiction treatment program has to be uniquely your own. Drug rehab centers that lose sight of that fact can’t ever expect to help their patients get sober for good.

If you’ve made it this far, you already know what’s at stake in the fight against addiction. Drug abuse is a devastating disease. The good news is that drug rehab centers really can make a difference, provided they embrace an intimate vision of the substance abuse treatment process. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you, make today the day you resolve to get all the care you need. Anything less than that just won’t cut it.

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Nov 07 2007

With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long.

For many with drug abuse problems, long-term drug rehabilitation is something that not everyone can do. With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long. However, there are significant benefits associated with an extended stay in drug rehab and whoever can afford to take the time out for recovery should consider it.

I feel that a 28-day drug rehabilitation center is only long enough to change your way of thinking. It is not long enough to teach you how to interact with society living a drug free life. Long-term drug treatment, or extended care, provides all of the valuable tools needed to be able to interact with life while staying clean and sober. Many facilities allow you to have your car. Many of them allow you to go back to work while sleeping at the facility. Some facilities keep the standard care patients and the aftercare patients separate, some let them interact.

After drug detox, once in long-term care you can expect to see the group therapy classes a little less. The therapy you get is focused more on how you’re handling life and getting back to work, and how you are staying sober in the process. When in aftercare you can expect to be pushed to get a sponsor in AA and NA. He/She can pick you up and take you to meetings. That is generally allowed in long-term care. All drug treatment facilities have long-term care. Most of the time it is cheaper then the standard care. All facilities have contacts with sober living homes that they can refer you to.

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Oct 25 2007

I was stealing from my own family

When I was little, I was such a good kid. I followed all of the rules. I did what people told me. Then, things changed. When I was 14, a friend and I would sneak out and go to parties. It was amazing that we never got caught. But the kids that I wanted to hang out with at the parties were smoking cigarettes and drinking, so I did, too. It helped me feel like I belonged. When I was 16, I smoked pot for the first time. My friends and I toked up before school. That was when I first met someone who had gone to a drug rehab. I was still into smoking pot, it took the edge off of the day. Then I started experimenting with other drugs that summer. By the end of my senior year, I can’t believe I was doing heroin. It was costing me $75 a day just to keep from feeling sick. I was working part-time at a restaurant then, but it wasn’t bringing me enough money to buy the heroin I needed. So I borrowed from anybody who had money. My boyfriend, who funnily enough worked at a drug rehabilitation, took off because he got sick of me asking him for money to buy drugs. My other friends told me to get clean or get lost. I got lost. The week Ray left, I got fired from my job for stealing money out of the till. After that, each day had one goal, to get money to buy heroin. I shoplifted. I stole from my mother’s purse. I did some other things, too, that I can’t even talk about because it just makes me so sad. I got arrested twice for shoplifting. I tried to quit heroin maybe 100 times, but the withdrawal was so, so bad, I couldn’t. I was ready to give up. If it wasn’t for my brother checking me into a Malibu residential drug rehab center, I’d be dead now.

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Oct 17 2007

I called a rehab center for a phone appointment about how I could cope with my boyfriend’s drug addiction. When I called, I broke down and told them everything. At first, it was horrible but then I realized how loving and helpful they were. It was my first experience with a drug rehab and I have to tell you it was wonderful. I learned so much about his drug addiction. The next day I drove him from Los Angeles out to Malibu and checked him in. When we got there I met the same person I talked to on the phone, she hugged me, and then we got a tour of the most amazing facility. This rehab truly is a high-end residential drug treatment facility. Now, three months later, I am happy to report that the drug rehabilitation worked! He (to my knowledge anyway) hasn’t gotten high since. He also surrendered a burden that had been obsessing all his thoughts, and he had been using drugs to numb his discouragement rather than face it. Now I have back the person that I’m in love with. I want to thank the entire staff at my rehab you for being there to help. It removed the adversarial role I had in trying to “get him to quit”. And he could focus on what he wanted instead — a loving relationship and personal freedom.

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Sep 25 2007

You slowly watch the picture of your dream self inevitably fade into triple darkness.

I had drug rehabilitation once in my life. It sucked having to have it, but, boy, was I glad that it existed. First of all, no person chooses to be a drug addict. I never wanted any part of that madness in my life, it just got that way. Every day I would wake up and think of how much I hated myself and how wrong my addiction was. Think about it. You have this whole picture of what your life was going to be someday and instead, you have to deal with being a junkie everyday that you wake up. It’s not fair. You slowly watch the picture of your dream self inevitably fade into triple darkness. The lucky people get the picture and they seek help from drug rehabilitation. Drug rehabilitation is the only sure fire way to make sure you get your life back on track and where you want it to be. What else would you do? I mean, sure, I’ve seen other people who like to deal with all those other remedies that supposedly work, but I don’t know. I stuck with the tried and true method and it worked wonders for me. If it weren’t for drug treatment I wouldn’t be around to rehash my little story. Thanks drug rehab.

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Sep 21 2007

The strength it gave me…drug rehabilitation

My time at a drug rehabilitation center taught me a lot of things. It put so much stuff in perspective for me. It was weird, really. I mean, how many people think that they are going to go to a drug rehabilitation center and learn all that. Hell, most people go in fearing that it won’t even work for them. When I went into drug rehab I was so far gone that I didn’t even care what would happen. I was sure that drug addiction was going to be a part of my life forever. I was just going because my mom made me at least try it. What ended up happening, however, was that I started feeling optimistic about the drug treatment that I was getting and I started learning how screwy drug addiction really was. It was so cool. Never in a million years would I have thought that time spent at a drug rehabilitation center would be time well spent. Needless to say, I overcame my drug addictions and got much better at being the sole controller of my own life. I learned what my triggers for relapse were and I was able to ward them off in a diligent manner. Life started looking a whole lot better and eventually I was able to say that I was totally in recovery from drug addiction. Oh yeah, that drug rehabilitation center was the shit.

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Sep 11 2007

Your future, after all, isn’t going to be around forever.

It’s the work. That’s what makes drug rehabilitation successful. The work, the labor. The grind. There is no easy way to addiction recovery, no shortcut through a drug rehab center. Successful drug rehabilitation is always, invariably, a product of sustained effort, on the part of both rehab patients and the drug treatment caregivers overseeing their drug rehab programs. If you’re going to get better in a drug rehabilitation center, it’s going to be because you work for it. That’s just the only way addiction recovery ever happens.


Make no mistake: Drug rehabilitation might not be easy, but it’s damn well the most important thing you’ll ever do. Nothing measures up to a successful drug treatment program. Nothing. To get better in a drug treatment center is to get your hope back, and your dignity. More to the point, to get better in a drug treatment center is to get your life back. If you or someone you care about is a victim of addiction, you shouldn’t need to hear anything more than that. Make the right decision here. Do it today. Your future, after all, isn’t going to be around forever.

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Aug 27 2007

Amy sings “no-no-no” to rehab, I say “HELL YES” to drug rehab centers

Drug rehab centers have helped millions of people in the past. That’s what they do. Take it from me. I had a really bad drug problem back in the day. I was so bad tat it coused me to lose my wife and kids. I could have lost my friends too if it weren’t for the help of drug treatment centers. Going to one of the local drug rehabilitation centers actually saved my life, too. That’s what drug rehab centers do. They turn people’s lives around. The thing with drug rehab centers is that you go in all screwed up and you come out a brand new person. Anybody with a drug problem can go into one of our country’s many drug rehab centers and come out with a brand new lease on life. It seems like it’s way too easy, but it actually is that easy. That’s how it happened to me. I couldn’t get it together when I was all messed up on drugs and when I went to drug rehab I came out as a brand new man. I couldn’t understand how they did it there, but they did it. My life finally got a lot better after a while and I was glad that it did. Now I’m on my way to getting my wife and kids back and things are surely looking up.

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