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Apr 07 2009

There Are Many Advantages Of Residential Drug Treatment

A lot of times drug addiction treatment environments are associated with hospitals, however, this is not always the case. Luxury residential drug abuse treatment may occur in non-hospital settings. In fact the preferred treatment environment for the drug addict in a lot of situations would be one that was less restrictive, however did have supervision and structure. At the time of discharge a drug treatment client has a continual care or aftercare program and most inpatient and residential programs gradually reintroduce a client to a “normal” environment through community outings and supervised passes.

These drug rehab centers generally offer supervised detoxification that may involve medication in a hospital setting or social detoxification (i.e. no medication) in a non-hospital setting. The typical 28-day treatment duration has no research base and has come about as a result of financial constraints, particularly the reluctance of insurance companies to pay for treatment. Inpatient and residential treatment settings have the advantages of 24-hour supervision, the reduced likelihood of clients using alcohol or drugs while in treatment, highly structured days, and a total immersion in treatment with removal from the everyday stressors and pressures.

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May 01 2008

There are no shortcuts in drug treatment, time is critical for recovery

A drug treatment program can’t be rushed. There are no shortcuts out of a drug treatment center, or easy solutions in the drug treatment process. If you’re going to get better, it’s going to be because you make a long-term commitment to your own healing. The most successful drug treatment programs…indeed the only successful drug treatment programs…are those which engage the sustained and determined efforts of drug treatment patients. To put it even more simply, your drug treatment program can’t work for you unless you’re willing to work for your drug treatment program.

The good news is that you don’t have to bear the burden alone. On the contrary, the right drug treatment facility can be instrumental in helping you get where you need to go. The only catch, of course, is that you have to seek help. Drug treatment centers don’t work by magic. They can’t help patients who refuse to be helped. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you…let today be the day you start your drug treatment journey. You will never, ever, regret the decision.

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Apr 04 2008

Every drug treatment center aims to help its patients-but which ones actually succeed?

Every drug treatment center aims to help its patients. But only some of them go about it the right way. Too many drug rehabs in Los Angeles try to turn drug treatment into a generic process, as if a drug treatment program that works for one addict should necessarily work for all of them. That’s not the way healing happens. The truth is that addiction is a profoundly personal disease, and addiction recovery must be a profoundly personal process. Drug treatment centers can only succeed to the extent that they recognize and cater to the individual needs of individual patients. Your drug treatment center experience go forward on any terms other than those.

Remember, drug treatment centers are only as effective as the methods and philosophies they employ. Drug rehabilitation doesn’t work by accident, after all. On the contrary, a successful drug treatment center is invariably one managed by competent, compassionate caregivers. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best drug treatment you can get.

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Feb 18 2008

Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab centers always have several balancing acts to achieve while assisting drug abuse clients to find sobriety. One is between dealing with the past, present and future. Helping people dealing with the realm of the past is primarily a counseling issue. Moving past our histories and old behaviors many times is best handled by competent and caring counselors. Even in a a luxury residential drug abuse treatment center it is not possible to be all things to all people. It seems that some drug abuse treatment centers are trying this, but how can this make sense? What I am talking about are drug abuse treatment programs that profess to be both 12 step and cognitive based at the same time. How can this be?

If you follow the 12 steps you must at some point come to accept that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol. You then are to turn it over to a higher power, what ever you believe that to be. This may seem like an over simplification, but these are part of the foundation of 12 step.

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Jan 15 2008

There can be NOTHING generic about rehab

The best private drug abuse treatment centers are the ones that care for addicts as unique individuals. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, too many drug rehabs in Los Angeles try to turn addiction treatment into a generic process. That isn’t the way it works. Substance abuse is personal problem. Substance abuse rehab has to go forward on intimate terms. If you’re going to get better in a drug abuse treatment center, it’s going to be because you get care uniquely suited to your own needs. Drug abuse treatment centers that don’t offer that much can’t ever expect to succeed.

Remember, drug treatment is an inherently difficult process. It can’t be effective if it isn’t done the right way. Some drug abuse treatment centers can help their patients achieve meaningful, lasting drug abuse recovery. Some can’t. The difference, for you, is more important than any in the world. Let today be the day you day you resolve to learn what you need to learn in order to make an informed and intelligent decision about your rehabilitation options.

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Nov 07 2007

With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long.

For many with drug abuse problems, long-term drug rehabilitation is something that not everyone can do. With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long. However, there are significant benefits associated with an extended stay in drug rehab and whoever can afford to take the time out for recovery should consider it.

I feel that a 28-day drug rehabilitation center is only long enough to change your way of thinking. It is not long enough to teach you how to interact with society living a drug free life. Long-term drug treatment, or extended care, provides all of the valuable tools needed to be able to interact with life while staying clean and sober. Many facilities allow you to have your car. Many of them allow you to go back to work while sleeping at the facility. Some facilities keep the standard care patients and the aftercare patients separate, some let them interact.

After drug detox, once in long-term care you can expect to see the group therapy classes a little less. The therapy you get is focused more on how you’re handling life and getting back to work, and how you are staying sober in the process. When in aftercare you can expect to be pushed to get a sponsor in AA and NA. He/She can pick you up and take you to meetings. That is generally allowed in long-term care. All drug treatment facilities have long-term care. Most of the time it is cheaper then the standard care. All facilities have contacts with sober living homes that they can refer you to.

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Oct 17 2007

I called a rehab center for a phone appointment about how I could cope with my boyfriend’s drug addiction. When I called, I broke down and told them everything. At first, it was horrible but then I realized how loving and helpful they were. It was my first experience with a drug rehab and I have to tell you it was wonderful. I learned so much about his drug addiction. The next day I drove him from Los Angeles out to Malibu and checked him in. When we got there I met the same person I talked to on the phone, she hugged me, and then we got a tour of the most amazing facility. This rehab truly is a high-end residential drug treatment facility. Now, three months later, I am happy to report that the drug rehabilitation worked! He (to my knowledge anyway) hasn’t gotten high since. He also surrendered a burden that had been obsessing all his thoughts, and he had been using drugs to numb his discouragement rather than face it. Now I have back the person that I’m in love with. I want to thank the entire staff at my rehab you for being there to help. It removed the adversarial role I had in trying to “get him to quit”. And he could focus on what he wanted instead — a loving relationship and personal freedom.

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Sep 28 2007

It ain’t a picnic but it will save your life

People who go to drug treatment centers know what’s up. They have to know what’s up. Drug treatment centers take care of people the way that people should get taken care of. There are so many people in our world that are hurting from the pain of drug addictions. If you don’t know what that’s like I can tell you, firsthand, that it isn’t a picnic at all. I remember my days as a drug addict and they were some very dark days. I was constantly feeling like I needed another hit just to make me feel normal. It was a nightmare. I hated being that person and it took me a long time to realize that I needed to get some serious help. I started looking around for drug treatment centers so that I could get myself out of my messed up situation. It reallly did bug me out being so dependent on drugs and being so messed up by it all and that’s why I needed to get some help from one of the many drug treatment centers in my town. I finally found the drug rehab that I needed and it all eventually worked out fine. I’m so glad that drug treatment centers are out there for people like me. I wouldn’t be hear if they weren’t.

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Sep 25 2007

You slowly watch the picture of your dream self inevitably fade into triple darkness.

I had drug rehabilitation once in my life. It sucked having to have it, but, boy, was I glad that it existed. First of all, no person chooses to be a drug addict. I never wanted any part of that madness in my life, it just got that way. Every day I would wake up and think of how much I hated myself and how wrong my addiction was. Think about it. You have this whole picture of what your life was going to be someday and instead, you have to deal with being a junkie everyday that you wake up. It’s not fair. You slowly watch the picture of your dream self inevitably fade into triple darkness. The lucky people get the picture and they seek help from drug rehabilitation. Drug rehabilitation is the only sure fire way to make sure you get your life back on track and where you want it to be. What else would you do? I mean, sure, I’ve seen other people who like to deal with all those other remedies that supposedly work, but I don’t know. I stuck with the tried and true method and it worked wonders for me. If it weren’t for drug treatment I wouldn’t be around to rehash my little story. Thanks drug rehab.

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Sep 21 2007

The strength it gave me…drug rehabilitation

My time at a drug rehabilitation center taught me a lot of things. It put so much stuff in perspective for me. It was weird, really. I mean, how many people think that they are going to go to a drug rehabilitation center and learn all that. Hell, most people go in fearing that it won’t even work for them. When I went into drug rehab I was so far gone that I didn’t even care what would happen. I was sure that drug addiction was going to be a part of my life forever. I was just going because my mom made me at least try it. What ended up happening, however, was that I started feeling optimistic about the drug treatment that I was getting and I started learning how screwy drug addiction really was. It was so cool. Never in a million years would I have thought that time spent at a drug rehabilitation center would be time well spent. Needless to say, I overcame my drug addictions and got much better at being the sole controller of my own life. I learned what my triggers for relapse were and I was able to ward them off in a diligent manner. Life started looking a whole lot better and eventually I was able to say that I was totally in recovery from drug addiction. Oh yeah, that drug rehabilitation center was the shit.

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