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May 01 2008

There are no shortcuts in drug treatment, time is critical for recovery

A drug treatment program can’t be rushed. There are no shortcuts out of a drug treatment center, or easy solutions in the drug treatment process. If you’re going to get better, it’s going to be because you make a long-term commitment to your own healing. The most successful drug treatment programs…indeed the only successful drug treatment programs…are those which engage the sustained and determined efforts of drug treatment patients. To put it even more simply, your drug treatment program can’t work for you unless you’re willing to work for your drug treatment program.

The good news is that you don’t have to bear the burden alone. On the contrary, the right drug treatment facility can be instrumental in helping you get where you need to go. The only catch, of course, is that you have to seek help. Drug treatment centers don’t work by magic. They can’t help patients who refuse to be helped. For your own sake, for the sake of the people who care about you…let today be the day you start your drug treatment journey. You will never, ever, regret the decision.

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Sep 28 2007

It ain’t a picnic but it will save your life

People who go to drug treatment centers know what’s up. They have to know what’s up. Drug treatment centers take care of people the way that people should get taken care of. There are so many people in our world that are hurting from the pain of drug addictions. If you don’t know what that’s like I can tell you, firsthand, that it isn’t a picnic at all. I remember my days as a drug addict and they were some very dark days. I was constantly feeling like I needed another hit just to make me feel normal. It was a nightmare. I hated being that person and it took me a long time to realize that I needed to get some serious help. I started looking around for drug treatment centers so that I could get myself out of my messed up situation. It reallly did bug me out being so dependent on drugs and being so messed up by it all and that’s why I needed to get some help from one of the many drug treatment centers in my town. I finally found the drug rehab that I needed and it all eventually worked out fine. I’m so glad that drug treatment centers are out there for people like me. I wouldn’t be hear if they weren’t.

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Sep 20 2007

The success of sobriety

In drug abuse treatment centers the goal of every person there is sobriety. It doesn’t matter if they are the counselors or the patients, sobriety is the focus. Why? Well for obvious reasons. The whole point of drug abuse treatment centers is to help people reach sobriety and get their lives back on track. People who abuse drugs and change their lives around know that drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers are the only way to truly get well again. They were made for just that reason. If you think you know a better way, good luck. It’s just that the people I know that have used the services of drug abuse treatment centers know that they wouldn’t have turned their lives around if it wasn’t for drug rehab. They would still be the junkies that they hated being and they would still be engaging in the same habits that they were way back when. Nobody wants to relive that kind of pain and that’s why I constantly see ex-drug addicts speaking the praises of the people and programs that saved their lives. They are constantly singing the undying praises of drug abuse treatment centers. For without them, they wouldn’t even be living life as beautifully as they are today.

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Sep 18 2007

The holes of addiction

The cool thing about alcohol addiction treatment centers is that they really do the job that they set out to do. Let’s be real, treating drug addiction is no easy task. Anyone who has been to one of the many drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers knows that I’m telling the truth. It’s a neat thing to know that someone out there gives a damn about you. In this crazy world that we live in it is almost impossible to imagine that something of that nature even exists. I mean, who would believe that someone would actually care about the well being of a complete stranger. That just doesn’t make sense. Except it does make sense. Caring about perfect strangers and their problems is exactly what alcohol addiction treatment centers do. They take in people who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addictions and they help them get a handle on their lives and the things that are destroying their lives. The rate of success that drug addiction treatment centers maintain is almost as amazing as the way that they consistently help their patients reclaim their sobriety and their lives. So are you thinking about it? If you think that you have a substance abuse addiction you need to make the call.

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Sep 17 2007

You know how anybody can make potato salad, but the only potato salad that you’ll eat is your mom’s?

Nobody fights drug addiction like drug addiction treatment centers. That’s the truth. You know how anybody can make potato salad, but the only potato salad that you’ll eat is your mom’s? Yeah, well, drug addiction treatment centers are like that with drug addictions. Just turn on the boob tube or go on the internet and you can hear about all the different ways that people say they can kick the habit. There are all kinds of methods and supplements out there that swear they’re the only way to go to achieve sobriety, but remember the potato salad. Nobody beats drug addiction treatment centers at getting someone back to Soberville. They’ve got the market cornered on drug rehab. That’s how it works and that’s how it’s always been. Any person who has been to drug addiction treatment centers knows that they are the best place to get it all back together. I was one of those people and I can honestly say that drug rehab was the only thing that would have worked for me. They taught me how to get back on course and that was what counts. I could have tried other methods to get back to my life, but then I remembered Mom’s potato salad.

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Sep 06 2007

Drug addiction is a personal disease

So think all drug abuse treatment centers are alike, and that a drug rehab program that works for the guy next to you should be just as good for you?

Yeah, right. And you and that guy next to you are the exact same person too…

Here’s the deal: Drug addiction is a personal disease. If you’re here, reading this, you don’t need me to tell you that. What’s less obvious, maybe, is that you need a personal solution to beat it. Drug treatment isn’t a generic kind of thing…what’s right for one rehab patient may be entirely wrong for another. Successful drug abuse treatment centers are, without exception, the ones that pay special attention to the individual needs of their individual patients. Short of that, even the most exclusive addiction treatment program in the world can’t do anyone a lick of good.

If you’re a victim of addiction, you know how important drug abuse treatment centers are. But remember: Drug rehabilitation only works if it’s done well. If you’re going to sober, it’s going to have to be on your terms. Impersonal drug rehab is a contradiction in terms. For your own sake, make today the day you resolve to find a drug treatment center that cares about the most important person in the world: you.

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Aug 29 2007

Another life saved by drug treatment

Okay, so, you can’t tell me that drug treatment centers don’t work. I know they do because I went to one and it saved my life. People will say what they want, and that is usually a lot, and most of the time they aren’t even close to being right. I know that and people who have been to drug treatment know it too. We have to. If you have a problem in your life or you have had a problem in your life you don’t want to listen to people who just let their mouths run for no apparent reason. If you listen to those kind of people you’ll never get anything done. Drug treatment centers are always under fire from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. I know what drug treatment did for me and what it has done for a myriad of cats that I know and i will never forget it. If you’ve had to go then you shouldn’t let people try to talk you out of what you know. Drug treatment centers have saved our lives, and all the naysayers in the world can’t change that. Live your life and be glad that you can. Nuff said.

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Aug 27 2007

Amy sings “no-no-no” to rehab, I say “HELL YES” to drug rehab centers

Drug rehab centers have helped millions of people in the past. That’s what they do. Take it from me. I had a really bad drug problem back in the day. I was so bad tat it coused me to lose my wife and kids. I could have lost my friends too if it weren’t for the help of drug treatment centers. Going to one of the local drug rehabilitation centers actually saved my life, too. That’s what drug rehab centers do. They turn people’s lives around. The thing with drug rehab centers is that you go in all screwed up and you come out a brand new person. Anybody with a drug problem can go into one of our country’s many drug rehab centers and come out with a brand new lease on life. It seems like it’s way too easy, but it actually is that easy. That’s how it happened to me. I couldn’t get it together when I was all messed up on drugs and when I went to drug rehab I came out as a brand new man. I couldn’t understand how they did it there, but they did it. My life finally got a lot better after a while and I was glad that it did. Now I’m on my way to getting my wife and kids back and things are surely looking up.

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Aug 22 2007

A million different ways

Life can be f*&ked up. It really can. It can go a million different ways and there really isn’t much that you can do about it. For example, if you have a problem with drug addiction it can really turn your life to shit. Trust me, I know. My life was turned to shit when I became addicted to drugs and couldn’t find my way back to being sober. Yeah, it sucked and I did a lot of things to my family during that time in my life that I’ll never be proud of. The thing that got me back on track was my trip to a drug rehabilitation center. That’s basically what did it. Going to a drug rehabilitation center saved my life and helped me and my family move on to greener pastures. Nobody wants to admit that they have royally screwed up their life, but hey, if you did you’ve got to make it better. That’s just the reality. You can either complain about stuff or you could go to drug rehabilitation center and fix your life. That’s how it goes down and nothing else. If your life is going down the shitter because of addiction, go to a drug treatment center and take care of it. There you go.

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Aug 02 2007

Succumbed to painkiller addiction?

Being hooked on Percocet isn’t like being hooked on heroin or cocaine. Well, it is…but it isn’t. Addiction is addiction is addiction, first of all, which means that being hooked on anything…Percocet, heroin, anything…is bad news. But the thing about being hooked on Percocet is that you can get away with it more than you can if you’re hooked on heroin or coke. Prescription drug addiction doesn’t stand out, is the point, which makes painkiller abuse all the more dangerous.


Prescription drug addiction, like all forms of drug addiction, can’t be eradicated without professional help. The bad news: Prescription drug addiction victims are exceptionally unlikely to get the help they need, mostly because so many of them are able to maintain fronts as normal, healthy members of society. The truth, of course, is that painkiller abuse will ruin you, if you’re not careful. And the only way to beat it is to check into a drug treatment center.


If you or someone you care about has succumbed to painkiller addiction, you can’t afford to wait. Please, for you own sake, let today be the day you make the right decision. Find a drug rehab center that can work for you. Your future, after all, won’t be around forever.

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