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Aug 07 2007

To be hooked on any drug is to be a victim of one’s own need

To be hooked on meth…on any drug, I suppose…is to be a victim of one’s own need. That’s how it was with my meth habit, anyway, before I got the private substance abuse treatment that saved my life. My substance abuse treatment program freed from myself, really, and from that overwhelming compulsion to use meth that made my addiction such an overwhelming thing in the first place. I was as good as gone, before I enrolled in an exclusive Los Angeles substance abuse treatment program. But the right decision made a world of difference.


California, of course, has more than its share of substance abuse treatment facilities. They aren’t all the same. The truth is that a substance abuse treatment program is only as good…only as successful…as the environment in which it’s administered…and luxury substance abuse treatment centers are well worth their price. Private substance abuse treatment in Malibu saved my life. Don’t wait any longer to let it start saving yours.

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