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Aug 20 2007

I was never into taking pills

I was never into taking pills. I never took aspirin or ibuprofen for headaches. I wasn’t one of those guys who took allergy medicine for itchy eyes or cold medicine for a little coughing and a runny nose. It just was never the way I did things. My sister, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. She always had a medicine cabinet full of time release capsules and multicolored syrups. She would take a pill at the onset of a headache, or drink some weird looking mixture if she thought that she was getting a cold. That’s why when she got a prescription drug addiction I wasn’t really that surprised. Her prescription drug addiction started from when she had to take some pills for pain and she just couldn’t get enough. In her defense, she started out with this stuff to help fix her problem. I don’t think that she ever thought that she would get hooked. Getting a prescription drug addiction isn’t something that people actually plan on. I know that. The planning part comes when someone gets one and you have to come out with a plan to help them back to normalcy. That’s what we did for my sis and she’s been better for a while now.

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Aug 15 2007

Hooked on my grandma’s pain meds, how sick is that?

I remember when my grandmother(God rest her soul) used to take these weird pills to take the edge when she got sick. Well, honestly, I don’t know what they for, but I used to cuff ‘em. And in case you don’t know, cuffin’ is basically a cooler word for stealing. It wasn’t so much stealing as it was taking a little of the top. Hey, they were prescription drugs. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I figured that if she ran out she could always get more. Seriously, I never took any when she was running low. See? I used to be a good junkie. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I kinda got hooked on my dying grandmother’s medicine. Trust me when I tell you that the story is more complicated than that, but for all intents and purposes, that’s what I was doing. It started out as something funny to tell my friends, but ended up being a whole hell of a lot crazier than that. By the time I was hooked, I was almost completely out to lunch. Thank god for drug rehab. If it wasn’t for them I would still be hooked on prescription drugs.


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Aug 13 2007

Prescription drugs are suppose to help but not for me

Most people don’t think about how harmful prescription drugs can be. It’s easy to think that prescription drugs would be harmless because they are a normal part of everyday life. Usually, you go to the doctor for whatever is bothering you and the doctor checks you out to see if you’re alright. After making an assessment of what’s wrong with you, the doctor prescribes some type of medicine to help you. It seems logical, and it usually is a system that works. Unfortunately, there are the chosen few that get addicted to prescription drugs. It’s definitely an unorthodox way to get a fix, but it works all the same. People who have addictions to prescription drugs need the same help that people with addictions to other, more traditional drugs need. Drug addiction is drug addiction whether one is addicted to illegal drugs or prescription drugs. It’s all the same. All kinds of addictions must be dealt with as soon as diagnosed and if you or a loved one is suffering from one get help now.

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Aug 02 2007

Succumbed to painkiller addiction?

Being hooked on Percocet isn’t like being hooked on heroin or cocaine. Well, it is…but it isn’t. Addiction is addiction is addiction, first of all, which means that being hooked on anything…Percocet, heroin, anything…is bad news. But the thing about being hooked on Percocet is that you can get away with it more than you can if you’re hooked on heroin or coke. Prescription drug addiction doesn’t stand out, is the point, which makes painkiller abuse all the more dangerous.


Prescription drug addiction, like all forms of drug addiction, can’t be eradicated without professional help. The bad news: Prescription drug addiction victims are exceptionally unlikely to get the help they need, mostly because so many of them are able to maintain fronts as normal, healthy members of society. The truth, of course, is that painkiller abuse will ruin you, if you’re not careful. And the only way to beat it is to check into a drug treatment center.


If you or someone you care about has succumbed to painkiller addiction, you can’t afford to wait. Please, for you own sake, let today be the day you make the right decision. Find a drug rehab center that can work for you. Your future, after all, won’t be around forever.

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Jul 10 2007

Prescription Drug Addiction

Demerol pulls you back. No matter how much you want to quit, no matter how strong you think you are: Demerol pulls you back. Every time. The thing about prescription drug addiction is that you can’t beat it by yourself; you can’t quit using on your own, for the simple reason that the Need won’t let you. That’s how it was with me, anyway, with Demerol. There was always the Need, always the Wanting. And then I got professional help. And it was the best thing I ever did.


Prescription drug addiction treatment works by helping you get free: of the drug, of your desire for it. Drug treatment helps you rediscover yourself, when you really get down to it, by giving you the strength to choose to Say No. Demerol addiction ruined my life. Rehab fixed what was broken. And that, I think, is just about all I can say on the subject.


Prescription drug addiction treatment worked for me, that’s what matters. It can work for you too, if you let it, and if you have the courage to take the first step. For you own sake, make today the day you start walking. Some journeys are too important to put off until tomorrow.

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