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Jul 31 2007

Dont make “alcoholic” your identity

Alcohol rehab only works when it sucks the guts out of you. Or at least that’s how it was for me. The three months I spent in an alcohol treatment center were probably the hardest three months of my life: ninety days of therapy and introspection and the grueling remorseless Grind. But that’s how it had to be, really. And nothing could have ever been more worth it.


Alcohol treatment that works is alcohol treatments that helps alcoholics become new people. That’s the nut of it, I guess. The thing about alcoholism is that it becomes your identity…and the only way to get sober for good is to remake yourself from the ground up. The alcohol treatment experience isn’t and can’t be easy, for the simple reason that wholesale personal transformations never come cheap. If you’re going to get better, you’re going to have to work for it.


But, again: No effort will ever be more worth it. Alcohol rehab will change your life. It sure changed mine. Please, for your own sake, don’t just take my word for it. Make today the day you find out for yourself.

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Jul 26 2007

It use to be about the girls…

It use to be about the girls. Their uninhibited ways of exhibition. I used to love to watch the expressions on their faces as they reached climax. Ahh, the ecstacy, the sweat. It was all so surreal that I just had to watch. That was until I started needing to watch. When I started having to watch without even wanting to. Oh God, do I have a porn addiction? Please tell me that I don’t. It was insane to think that I did. I couldn’t imagine what that would mean. A porn addiction? Who has those anyway? Do they even really exist? Well, I found out pretty quickly that they do exist. I figured I needed to do something productive on the internet. When I looked online for the information I also found information about porn addiction counseling. It was great. Here I was with an addiction that seemed a little weird to have and I was able to find others just me who had it and were trying to get rid of it just as fast as I. It was a little more painful than I thought it would be, but I was finally able to say goodbye to the girls and hello to a normal life again.

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Jul 25 2007

Meth hijacked my body and mind

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I think back on my time as a meth addict and it’s like I wasn’t even Me, you know?: like I was someone else, a person who had somehow hijacked my body and my mind and who only knew or thought or cared about using meth.


To be hooked on meth is to be consumed by the Need: to crave meth when you wake up in the morning; to crave meth when you fall asleep at night. When I was hooked on meth, I didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever quitting on my own. And that, if you really want to know, is why addiction treatment saved my life.


I wouldn’t be here, writing this, if I hadn’t gone to rehab. I’d be dead, probably, or at the very best strung so far out that no one…least of all Me…would ever be able to get where I was. But I did, thankfully: I did get drug treatment, and it saved my life. Helped me rediscover the world as I used to know it; helped me reclaim Myself, from whoever it was that had taken him away. Addiction treatment helped me be Me again. And that, I guess, is the only point that could ever really be worth making.


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Jul 24 2007

NO way to sugarcoat Drug Treatment

I wouldn’t be here, today, without drug treatment. Drug abuse ruined my life, but drug treatment saved it: gave me the power get over the Need. I can’t go back, now, to fix everything that heroin destroyed…but at least I can go forward, and convince people like you that drug treatment is the last best chance you’ve got. Please, for your own sake, make the right decision. With so much to lose, you can’t afford to do anything else.


When I was on heroin I wasn’t Me. I was someone, of course…but whoever it was was a stranger to anyone I’d ever believed myself to be. When I was on heroin, all I knew or cared about was Using: the next hit, the next high. With heroin, I was everything I needed to be. Without it, I was nothing.


Heroin abuse ruined my life, if you really want to know. I could try to sugarcoat it, tell you about how I Grew As a Person because of the experience, but that wouldn’t change the thing: wouldn’t change the fact that substance abuse cost me my wife, my kids, my career. If you or someone you care about is a heroin addict, please don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t ignore the problem. Don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist. Most importantly, don’t be fool enough to believe you can get better on your own.

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Jul 16 2007

Alcohol rehab brought out a new man, a new life

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Alcohol rehab programs actually work effectively, take it from an ex-drunk. Yeah, that’s right I was a real life sloppy ass drunk. Man, was I a mess. It never seemed a possibility to regain sobriety in my life. Alcohol rehab programs like the one I checked into help people even worse off than I was. Too many times in this world there are people who live with terrible addictions and have no means of being able to find a remedy for what is ailing them. It royally sucks because people shouldn’t have to live like that.

My life wasn’t exactly pristine before I became a drunk. However, once I started drinking it became a hellish downward spiral. Alcohol became the only thing that was important to me. It was my life’s blood. I didn’t do anything without having had a drink. Can you imagine living a life that is completely ruled by an inanimate object? I mean, sure, my ex-girlfriend’s life was ruled by her vibrator, but this was completely different. My life was so weird. I hated alcohol, but it seemed like I always needed it. Once I started alcohol rehab things took a while to turn around, but they did. When I look back on the life I was living I find it hard to even recognize the guy I was. I kind of like that because I hate that guy.

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Jul 10 2007

Prescription Drug Addiction

Demerol pulls you back. No matter how much you want to quit, no matter how strong you think you are: Demerol pulls you back. Every time. The thing about prescription drug addiction is that you can’t beat it by yourself; you can’t quit using on your own, for the simple reason that the Need won’t let you. That’s how it was with me, anyway, with Demerol. There was always the Need, always the Wanting. And then I got professional help. And it was the best thing I ever did.


Prescription drug addiction treatment works by helping you get free: of the drug, of your desire for it. Drug treatment helps you rediscover yourself, when you really get down to it, by giving you the strength to choose to Say No. Demerol addiction ruined my life. Rehab fixed what was broken. And that, I think, is just about all I can say on the subject.


Prescription drug addiction treatment worked for me, that’s what matters. It can work for you too, if you let it, and if you have the courage to take the first step. For you own sake, make today the day you start walking. Some journeys are too important to put off until tomorrow.

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Jul 05 2007

Addiction is you.

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Addiction is You. That might be a touch on the glib side, as slogans go, but it pretty well sums up the truth: Addiction is You. Addiction is who you are, how you live; addiction is everything about you: your essence, your being. An addict, after all, is thoroughly and profoundly an Addict. The disease is by its very nature more an identity than a condition, so that Addicts…victims of Addiction…in some ways quite literally become their Need.

And listen: The fact that addiction is You does not make it your fault. You are not to blame for your addiction; there is nothing you could do either in the positive or the negative that would do anything to change the fact of the thing itself. Remember, addiction is You. To beat it…to overcome addiction…you’ve got to change who You are. Short of that, you can’t ever expect to get sober for good

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