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Nov 16 2007


Alcoholism and drug addiction are complex disorders. An effective alcohol rehab, drug rehabilitation or dual diagnosis treatment program involves many critical components to help you to achieve recovery. A drug rehab or alcohol rehab should have its own interventionist and detox program. Whether someone is looking for an alcohol detox program or drug detox program, both should be located in a medically monitored drug rehabilitation center. Other addiction treatment services often overlooked are a comprehensive, relapse prevention program, dual diagnosis treatment program, aftercare program and family program.

Alcohol treatment programs, drug rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment programs are located throughout the country, but that does not mean the drug rehab or addiction treatment program nearest you, will best meet your needs.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs that employ addiction treatment staff that are credentialed and attentive, employ medical staff that are trained in addiction medicine and are able to provide effective dual diagnosis treatment within their own facilities.  One high-end residential treatment facility in Malibu, CA is a world class drug rehab, addiction treatment and alcohol treatment programs. It is crucial to match your individual needs with the addiction treatment services available.

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Nov 07 2007

With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long.

For many with drug abuse problems, long-term drug rehabilitation is something that not everyone can do. With a family, with work, with life, it is hard to remain in treatment for so long. However, there are significant benefits associated with an extended stay in drug rehab and whoever can afford to take the time out for recovery should consider it.

I feel that a 28-day drug rehabilitation center is only long enough to change your way of thinking. It is not long enough to teach you how to interact with society living a drug free life. Long-term drug treatment, or extended care, provides all of the valuable tools needed to be able to interact with life while staying clean and sober. Many facilities allow you to have your car. Many of them allow you to go back to work while sleeping at the facility. Some facilities keep the standard care patients and the aftercare patients separate, some let them interact.

After drug detox, once in long-term care you can expect to see the group therapy classes a little less. The therapy you get is focused more on how you’re handling life and getting back to work, and how you are staying sober in the process. When in aftercare you can expect to be pushed to get a sponsor in AA and NA. He/She can pick you up and take you to meetings. That is generally allowed in long-term care. All drug treatment facilities have long-term care. Most of the time it is cheaper then the standard care. All facilities have contacts with sober living homes that they can refer you to.

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Nov 02 2007

Effective rehab work

Looking for a Drug Rehab Program? Finding a drug rehabilitation center or alcohol rehab program is easy. Locating a drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program that is effective and can meet your individual needs is not. Today, drug rehabs and alcohol rehab programs throw around “success rates” more as marketing campaigns, than actual reality. Most luxury addiction treatment facilities have done their due diligence in the addiction treatment program arena and will provide an effective drug rehab, alcohol rehab or addiction treatment program that works for you or your loved one.
Whether it is a drug addiction treatment program, gay drug rehab, gay alcohol rehab or dual diagnosis treatment program, one phone call is all it takes to get the process started.  Right now, day or night, drug rehabs have a team of highly qualified addiction treatment professionals standing by the phone to assist you. Call NOW! Admission to a state of the art, alcohol rehab, drug rehab or dual diagnosis program could be right around the corner.

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