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Apr 14 2008

A substance abuse treatment program can only be successful if it promotes holistic healing

A substance abuse treatment program can only be successful if it promotes holistic healing. Addiction, after all, is a disease with both physical and psychological roots. On the one hand, substance abuse victims suffer from acute metabolic dependancies, which are themselves rooted in the chemistry of the brain. On the other, addicts are prone to negative patterns of thought and behavior, which both stem from and reinforce those underlying chemical imbalances. What that means, in plain terms, is that there is no such thing as partial healing in a substance abuse treatment center. If your substance abuse treatment program is going to help you get better, it’s going to have to help you get all-the-way better.

Some substance abuse treatment facilities understand the importance of holistic substance abuse treatment programs. Some don’t. As should perhaps go without saying, it’s vital that you be able to distinguish the former from the latter. Choosing a substance abuse treatment program is the most important decision you’ll ever make. Given the stakes, you can’t afford not to make an informed choice.

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Apr 08 2008

Mental illness and substance abuse disorder

Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of both a severe mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. Integrated dual diagnosis treatment has been shown to work effectively for individuals with both disorders. In this treatment model, one clinician or treatment team provides both mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Many luxury residential dual diagnosis treatment facilities, rehabs and centers in Malibu, CA offer integrated dual diagnosis treatment. As people with mental illnesses, we are also prone to develop problems with alcohol and drug use. This is the definition of dual diagnosis. We tend to use drugs and alcohol for the same reasons that people without a mental illness do, but we are often more sensitive to the negative effects of alcohol and drugs.

The result is that one of every two individuals with severe mental illness has the additional problem of substance abuse, (abuse or dependence related to alcohol or other drugs).

There is good news for dual diagnosis

Most of us with dual diagnosis can achieve recovery, and our lives are much better when we are in recovery. Building a satisfying and meaningful life without drugs or alcohol requires time, support, education, courage, and learning new skills.

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Apr 04 2008

Every drug treatment center aims to help its patients-but which ones actually succeed?

Every drug treatment center aims to help its patients. But only some of them go about it the right way. Too many drug rehabs in Los Angeles try to turn drug treatment into a generic process, as if a drug treatment program that works for one addict should necessarily work for all of them. That’s not the way healing happens. The truth is that addiction is a profoundly personal disease, and addiction recovery must be a profoundly personal process. Drug treatment centers can only succeed to the extent that they recognize and cater to the individual needs of individual patients. Your drug treatment center experience go forward on any terms other than those.

Remember, drug treatment centers are only as effective as the methods and philosophies they employ. Drug rehabilitation doesn’t work by accident, after all. On the contrary, a successful drug treatment center is invariably one managed by competent, compassionate caregivers. With so much to lose, and so much more to win, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best drug treatment you can get.

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